Discover How To Transform Yourself From Bulging Gut To Shredded 6 Pack Abs in 4 Short Weeks With The Fastest Ab Training Program Ever Developed – All While Strategically Training Your Abs With a Few Simple Exercises Every Other Day

Arnel Ricafranca, CF-L1, AFAA, C.O.R.E, NESTA, ASTI, CPT

Imagine how you will look and feel with a shredded, sculpted six pack and a metabolism faster than a speeding bullet with the Rapid Fire Abs Trifecta Technology. And you’ll do it in just 4 short weeks.


Dear Friend,

If you are a guy reading this, set aside everything right now including your email, cellphone and Facebook because this will be the most important letter you will ever read.

If you are a woman looking for ways to help your guy lose that extra fat around his stomach, then read on since this is something you will want to buy for him.

Finally, if you are someone looking for the ‘magic bullet’ to help you get shredded abs without a scientific, proven system, then I’m afraid you may have landed on the wrong website. But, if you’re looking for REAL solutions founded on REAL science and cutting-edge strategy, then the information I’m about to share with you just may be the most important RAPID FIRE ab training information you’ve ever read.

Now that you are reading this and you know this system is right for you, let me ask you the question that bought you here in the first place.

Have you ever wondered what may be holding you back from the most SHREDDED abs possible? Why you’ve always HELD ON to that stubborn fat around your mid section?

If so, you’ve come to the right place, because that’s what I specialize in.

The Problem: The “Android” Fat Distribution in Men

Men accumulate and store body fat in a very unique manner compared to woman.

Most men, when they gain fat, tend to gain it around their waist and chest area (unlike women, who gain fat in their lower body, including the butt and thigh). This is called the ‘android’ type of fat distribution.

This extra fat around your waist, as you know, looks unattractive. In addition, this has some serious health consequences, and increases the chances of heart disease, diabetes and hypertension (leading causes of death).

Unfortunately, most fat loss programs focus on dieting and weight loss but not fat loss around the abdominal area, which is the reason you are holding on to several pounds of ugly fat around your midsection.

Sure, you may have known someone who lost a lot of “abdominal fat” in a short period of time, but fat loss and weight loss in the abdominal section are two critically different things.  Want to lose a lot of weight in the abdominal area in a short period of time?  You certainly can, if you do the following:

  • 1.  Go on a diet (which reduces your metabolism)
  • 2.  Do a lot of cardio exercise (which burns fat but does not give you a sculpted six pack)

Neither of these is the way to get six pack abs. In fact, these are surefire ways to get a metabolism so beaten and battered that the moment you decide to return to any sort of a normal diet or exercise program, your abdominal fat (and then some) piles back on even faster.

So if specific, targeted abdominal exercises are required to get the shredded six pack, and dieting and cardio exercise DOES NOT work for abdominal muscle sculpting, how CAN you create the necessary environment to get that shredded six pack without having your body backfiring on you after the plan is completed?

The Solution: The Rapid Fire FOUR Week Six Pack Formula

If you are thinking: “6 Pack Abs In 4 Short Weeks Is Impossible!”, let me tell you that you are not alone. Most of my students felt the same way, until I proved to them that this INDEED was possible.

“I lost 5 pounds, which doesn’t seem like a lot, but I’m sure I put on some pounds of muscle on the way. I feel much more definition in general, not just my abs. I have more energy throughout the day and feel more efficient. This experience made me stronger not only physically but mentally. I proved to myself that I have the discipline and determination to achieve difficult tasks. I definitely have more confidence in myself and my self esteem skyrocketed.”

Daniel Garcia

“I always felt confident and when I wanted to lost those few pounds people would tell me I looked good.  But I knew how I looked without a shirt (working in the yard or on vacation at the beach or pool).  I look back at my before photo – down right scary to me.  I am truly my hardest critic!!!  I always did the traditional bodybuilding type workouts, with success at times and other times just didn’t feel it.  This new way (new for me) of working out is so much fun.  My wife stuck it out with me and enjoys working out now – that in itself is the biggest benefit I gained.  Family time doing something I love!!!!!  And now I’m on the road to just keep moving forward and making my progress in a fun and ferocious manner.  I love the endless variety and the circuit training really cranked up my metabolism.  I want to thank Arnel for the Abs and the new found knowledge I have obtained from his training!!!!

James De Lara

“Impact in my Life AND MEANING OF MY RESULTS: I’m a new person with my sorroundings, my self-esteem is higher, i feel that i can do it anything that i propose, i feel more confident, stronger, healthier and i am in the best shape of my life. I’m trying to believe this amazing change of my entire bodyand i feel so happy, because finally i have my abs, i tried with anything before and nothing, my change have been so quickly that the people said “I dont believe it”, even if they are watching me in person, thanks for all Arnel. ¡This is the best thing that i did in my life to my body!.”

Kenedy Torcatt

Just Imagine:

  • The feeling of sporting a chiseled 6 pack by the pool for the summer.
  • Having girls drool over your new body while at the shore.
  • When your abs show better than your buddies making them extremely jealous.

And that’s just the beginning!


And On Top Of All That: 7 Minutes a Day Is All It Takes

Why do people gain abdominal fat so quickly and find it almost impossible to get rid of it? Because typical dieting and cardio exercise is counter-productive to six pack abs unless you have a strategic, proven formula in sculpt your abs muscles and get rid of the layers of fat that hid your abdominals.

That’s where the ‘Rapid Fire Abs Trifecta’ system comes in, with its simple 3-step formula.
  • RFA – Step 1: Do the Rapid Fire Abs Workouts as prescribed. These workouts laser target your abdominal muscles to pump and shape them in less than 7 minutes a day.  Ok Ok.  I know what you are thinking.  “7 minutes?! No workout can beat me up that fast!”  Well, let me ask you this question.  If you were to do 50 pushups in 5 hours, how hard would that be?  Ok, now let’s take those same 50 pushups and complete it in 50 seconds.  That’s how we get results.  That’s intensity.  Higher intensity, faster results.
  • RFA – Step 2: Do the prescribed High Intensity Interval Training on non-abdominal days.  High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), which consists of an activity (Running, Biking, Jump Roping, Rowing, Elliptical) at high intensity for a short duration of time, followed by low intensity for a period of time, repeated for sets.  The best part is you can enjoy your favorite cardio exercise AND gain the massive benefits.  Interval Training will synergize with the Rapid Fire Abs Workouts to shed the unwanted fat in front your abdominal muscles.
  • RFA – Step 3: Follow the Nutritional Guidelines.  Nutrition is what powers the previous steps.  It is, what “fuels” our engines to do the Rapid Fire Abs Workouts and HIIT.


Here’s What I’ll Give You To Help You Get That Shredded Six Pack In The Next 4 Weeks
The Complete 5-Component Rapid Fire Abs System Includes:

Component #1: 12 Abdominal Workouts ($97 Value) These 12 abdominal shredding downloadable follow along workout videos, designed to masterfully sculpt and define your abdominal muscles.  These will come in a downloadable format that is iPhone, iTouch, iPad, Android, PC, Mac friendly.




Component #2: High Intensity Interval Training Manual ($17 Value) This outlines the right ratio of high intensity followed by low intensity through the 4 week progression using any equipment you might have access to whether it is a treadmill, bike, jump rope, elliptical, rower, or even just running outside.  It’s this formula of Intensity that will shed the fat to show your new sculpted 6 pack.



Component #3: Nutritional Guidelines ($37 Value) This manual provide the full on specs that details on everything you need to know about nutrition including what to eat, when to eat, and more.





Component #4: Workout Log Sheets ($27 Value) In this component you’ll receive printable log sheets for each and every workout of the program so you can easily record your workouts, track your progress, and have the workout template right there in front of you as you perform each session.




Component #5: Quick Start Check List ($17 Value) Alright, so your ready to begin the program and you want to make sure you have everything lined up for success.  With this detailed, step-by-step manual, you’ll ensure you have everything in place leading up to your official start day.





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Arnel, This Sounds Great, But Will This Really Work For Me?

You will gain immediate access to start shedding that unwanted fat NOW and start getting results TODAY from a system that is proven to work.  And remember it’s 100% guaranteed.

I INSIST you try the Rapid Fire Abs System out completely at my risk.  Try it for 60 days and SEE your results for yourself.  See your friends amazed reactions.  If you are not 100% blown away by the results, just return it for a full refund, no questions asked.

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I literally can’t wait to hear about the incredible results you’ve already experienced, just 4 short weeks from now.

Excited for your rapid shredded abs success,

Arnel Ricafranca, CF-L1, AFAA, C.O.R.E, NESTA, ASTI, CPT
Awarded by the “President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports”


P.S.  Remember, with my Iron-clad, 100% Money-back Guarantee,  I’m giving you 60 risk-free days to discover what countless others already have—this is the most strategic, fastest six pack abs program EVER developed.  Grab it RISK-FREE today.

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What Are You Waiting For?
Your Six Pack Abs Are Waiting..


If You Still Have Questions, You Will
Probably Find The Answer Below!

(Q) What if I have a lot of fat to lose?

Whether you’re already in “good” shape, or if you are just starting out, this program was designed to get you your Abs as fast as humanly possible.  Bottom line, whether you need to lose 10lbs or 50lbs or more, this is exactly what you need to get you there faster than any other workout system.

(Q) Why are the workouts so short?

Workouts don’t need to be long to be effective.  The secret of the system revolves around Intensity.  What is intensity?  In a nutshell, it’s Force x Distance / Time.

Here’s a detailed example.  If you were to do 50 pushups in 5 hours, how hard would that be?

  • Example, 180lb guy.  His intensity would be Force(180lbs) x Total Distance(1.5ft) x Reps(50) / 300min =  45 Intensity

Ok, now let’s take those same 50 pushups and complete it in 50 seconds (.8333 of a minute).  That’s how we get results.  That’s intensity.  Higher intensity, faster results.

  • Same Example, 180lb guy.  Force(180lbs) x Total Distance(1.5ft) x Reps(50) / 50seconds =  16,200 Intensity

Same workout, different results.

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(Q) What if I don’t have a bike, rowing machine, jump rope, elliptical machine, etc for High Intensity Interval Training?

No need to worry.  You can get the same results by simply running outside!  As we mentioned above with Intensity, it’s all about having your body hit it’s peak intensity for rapid fire results.

(Q) Will I have to starve through the nutritional section of the Rapid Fire Abs System?

NO!  In fact, it’s not a matter of eating less.  It’s a matter of eating more.  The reason why we can effectively eat more and lose weight is because we’re replacing the bad foods with the good foods that act as high octane fuel for our bodies.

The good food tends to have far less calories by volume.  Example, a cup of rice vs a coup of broccoli.  Because of such a high caloric deficit, we strongly advise eating a boatload than you currently eating to gain peak performance and rapid results.

(Q) What if it doesn’t work for me?

Then it’s all FREE.

Simply put, if you follow the Rapid Fire Abs 6 Week System exactly as outlined in the materials and for any reason you are NOT entirely satisfied with the results you achieve from your efforts, just contact us and we’ll refund your money.  It’s that simple.

I stand behind this product as a results producing 6 Pack Abs program and if doesn’t yield those results for you as outlined, you get your money back.  No hassles, no hoops to jump through, just a prompt courteous refund.

As the pioneer of six pack ab training with millions of readers in 7 continents, I stand behind my product as the fastest six pack abs program ever created, and if doesn’t yield those results for you when followed, you get your money back.  No hassles, no hoops to jump through, just a prompt, courteous refund.

As you can see, the burden to deliver is 100% on me—the only thing you need to do is let me prove it to you!

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Please read our disclaimer: Due to recent statements from the FTC, it is required that we identify what a “typical” result is. The truth is that most people never do anything with the products they buy, so most of the time, their typical results are zero. The biggest factor is you.